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To compete for candidates, you need to act quickly. Huntflow automates all daily routines and pivots recruiters towards the truly important tasks

hours of work time
recruiters saves by using
Huntflow, each day
  • Save best sourced candidates
  • Find duplicate CVs
  • E-mail and messengers
  • Scheduling interviews

Save best sourced candidates

Sourcing is an irreplaceable tool for finding rare talent. Bundle it with Huntflow: using our browser extension, save candidates found on LinkedIn, Facebook and GitHub with just one click.


Find duplicate CVs

When a new CV is added to the database, Huntflow automatically checks the database for duplicates, using such parameters as first name, last name, date of birth, email, phone number, and more. The CV database is always in order.


Email and messengers

Send letters from your work email, save all correspondence, and know for a fact whether a candidate has read your letter. Send messages over Telegram, WhatsApp and Viber without cluttering up your phonebook.


Scheduling interviews

Add upcoming interviews to your own and your colleagues’ calendars in a matter of mere seconds: Huntflow will automatically reserve a meeting room and attach the candidate’s CV, the position in question, and, if necessary, a Zoom video call link.


Team up with hiring managers

The recruiter and hiring managers are equally responsible for the quick and successful filling of a job opening. Huntflow helps organise the process at all stages of selection, and makes recruitment operations transparent

the average rate
of hiring managers
  • Hire requests
  • Feedback on candidates
  • Control of deadlines
  • Access to stats
  • Recruitment evaluation

Receive requests from hiring managers

With Huntflow, recruiters instantly receive all the information necessary for matching candidates to a job, and the system registers the correct date on which the search process begins.


Feedback on candidates

Using feedback forms, hiring managers give structured feedback, and recruiters don’t waste their time setting up meetings or having long conversations to get detailed answers.


Enforcement of deadlines

70% of candidates accept another company’s offer because of the long wait for feedback. Huntflow helps accelerate the passage of candidates through the pipeline thanks to its control and enforcement of deadlines at each stage.


Access to stats

With Huntflow, hiring managers can see all the stats for their job openings. This helps add transparency to the relationship between recruiters and hiring managers and enables them to solve problems together.


Recruitment evaluation

Learn about problems in relations with hiring managers and improve your recruiters’ effectiveness using an evaluation of recruitment among hiring managers that is similar to an NPS assessment.


Find and remedy bottlenecks in the recruitment process

It’s impossible to improve a business process without accurate metrics. Huntflow’s 16+ ready-to-use reports enable you to find and fix problems in the filling of each vacancy on time and systematically improve your hiring metrics

of companies using
Huntflow fill their vacancies
30% faster on average
  • Analysis of pipeline
  • Time to fill
  • The recruiters’ performance
  • Time on status
  • Analysis of letters

Analysis of the candidate pipeline

With Huntflow, all of the pipeline’s key parameters are available on one screen. You can see things at a glance and adjust the recruitment process accordingly.


Reports on recruitment time

How long did it take to fill the most recent vacancy? Only Huntflow calculates the recruitment time for each vacancy correctly, taking into account the date that the work started, weekends, and interruptions in the recruitment process.


Recruiters’ performance

Huntflow offers statistics for each recruiter in terms of CVs added, interviews scheduled, and letters sent. Pinpoint problems and improve the work of the whole department by comparing indicators for different recruiters.


Speed of passing through the pipeline

How long should each stage of the pipeline last to ensure that you don’t lose candidates? Monitor the time candidates spend «frozen» in the pipeline and limit the amount of time allotted for each stage so that you can fill vacancies faster.


Analysis of letters

With Huntflow you will always know for sure how many letters have been sent by each recruiter, how many of them have been opened by the candidates, and how often the candidates reply. No more letters sent at random — only effective subject lines and texts.


“We have a positive experience using Huntflow”

The system completely solves our problems with the recruitment process, and it has also become much faster and more convenient to work with hiring managers.

Photo Daria HR-manager, Quadcode

“Working with Huntflow is a true pleasure!”

Resume adding saves a great amount of time, a convenient and ergonomic dashboard with analytics allows you to evaluate the real picture of recruitment, and communication with hiring managers through Huntflow is much easier and transparent.

Photo Helen Business Recruitment Team Lead, Dodo Brands

“We never regretted our decision”

Even at the very beginning, Huntflow was more convenient than our standard tools. We understood that further it would become even better. Since then, we have never regretted our decision and are very glad that we once paid attention to this solution.

Photo Anastasia Head of HR, Selectel

“Processes that used to take forever are now automated”

We felt the change on the very first day of working with Huntflow. It has become much more convenient: many processes that used to take time have now been automated.

Photo Iren Head of HR-projects, Lanit

“Huntflow provides us with a great amount of functionality”

Saving correspondence, automatic follow-ups, search, custom settings for our business process. But it is important to understand that no CRM will cover all of your needs. So when we lack something, we solve it through integrations and working with data.

Photo Nadia Head of HR-analytics and business process team, Kontur

“All information is in one system”

The biggest advantage of Huntflow is the full transparency and time-saving on every action. We also use built-in analytics, which is very convenient and helpful.

Photo Olga Head of Talent Acquisition and Adaptation team, Nokian Tyres

“Huntflow is the best software for non-bureaucratic companies”

We have been able to significantly speed up the hiring process, increase the engagement of hiring managers, and simplify the work for all of us. Support team has always been quick to help us resolve our issues.

Photo Andrew Head of Recruitment, Prequel Inc
Huntflow Premier

Recruitment automation for large companies

A ready-made solution for transforming, systematizing, and scaling the recruitment process

Organisation of large team operations
Deadlines for filling vacancies based on regulatory deadlines
Implementation of corporate authorisation
Meeting information security requirements

The superpower of API

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Submission of applications from the intranet

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